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About Us

Australian Institute of Dermatology

The Institute was set up in 2008 to provide online education in dermatology to a wider audience than just Specialist Dermatologists. Most skin diseases should be managed adequately in General Practice without requiring a specialist referral. 

To this end a  Membership course was set up and delivered online over two semesters with weekly live interactive webinars and a virtual clinical meeting site where course attendees could submit images of their difficult cases and have them diagnosed.

This course has to date trained doctors to an appropriate standard to manage the skin problems they see in their practices, many of which are in rural areas of Australia with poor access to specialist Dermatologists.

After completing the Membership  course successful candidates are invited to attend the Institute's Advanced course where we study advanced dermatology, dermatoscopy, derm surgery and dermatopathology.

Cosmetic dermatology is dealt with during both the Basic and Advanced courses but only in relation to the medical problem being discussed.